An extraordinary ambience for special seminars and events awaits you on Tenerife.

Seminars and events can only be successful if the guests are happy and feel good...
A location that more than meets these requirements, the CASTILLO MORO.

You should forget all pictures of conventional event locations or a seminar house, which you might have in mind - here in Tenerife, many unique dreams can be realized. This place is for those seeking a special ambience for their event.

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Please note that the Castillo Moro is always rented exclusively. Discretion and quietness is thus ensured throughout the facility at any time.

A variety of terraces and places in and around the garden invite participants to linger.

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Our guests say

  • Although I already got to see a lot of nice houses and places in the world, Castillo Moro is very special to me. The Moorish style, the colorful tiled exterior walls, a romantic tower, arches and terraces on different levels let the house stand out from its surroundings. When I was allowed to enter the first time I immediately felt a familiar warmth and comfort. I felt welcome and a little enchanted like in 1001 nights when I discovered the various rooms and terraces. Meanwhile the whole house and also the island of Tenerife has become a real home for me. The various rooms are very nicely furnished and each one is absolutely unique. The particularly nice thing about Castillo Moro is that each floor, the conference room and the garden has a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean and you can be moved by the vastness of the sea.

    Manaia Liz Schaur
  • Dear, thank you again for the great week with you. This is now the 12th year that I come to Castillo Moro and it is always a great pleasure to spend some time here. I enjoyed it laying in the garden in the sun again and look at the sea. Thank you for preparing everything so lovely, the rooms and terraces, so that everyone feels comfortable here. I don't need to go anywhere else, because out here I have everything, I can cook, or not - everything, you name it.

    Heidrun Weinert
  • C A S T I L L O M O R O fulfills a bit of my childhood dream. A beautiful, playful building, built in the Moorish style with domes, colors and glittering gold, - a meticulously designed garden with splendid old palm trees and ocean view, - and the countless little cute places with flowers and lush plants, I often enjoy them alone or in social gatherings, - this acted very heart opening to me. It is not an ordinary place. It was created out of love and therefore supports every guest on his way back to its origin, to LOVE !!! Thank you for allowing me to enjoy this environment again.


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